For those looking for an alternative to more conventional Room Dividers, then LPD NUVU Roomfold is the ideal solution.  These ingenious modular internal Folding/Sliding doorset kits allow you to quickly and effortlessly open up the living space whenever the need arises and just as swiftly and easily “partition” off adjoining rooms when privacy is required or a bit of muc needed peace and quiet is the order of the day!!!

Designed to support a maximum load weight of 25kg per door leaf, the universal tracks coupled with the corresponding frames facilitate the following configurations using multiples of either 21”, 24” or 27” leaves:

3+0; 3+1; 3+3; 4+1

In simple terms what this means is, unlike certain other internal folding/sliding doorsets on the market, where you’re restricted to the manufacturers’ choice of door design, LPD NUVU Roomfold affords you the freedom to choose virtually any internal door model from the extensive LPD offering, enabling you to create a “customised” solution that satisfies your very personal aesthetic tastes, existing décor and the architectural specification of your interior.

Or put another way, thanks to LPD NUVU Roomfold, even the most uncompromising no longer have to compromise!!!

All tracks are reversible i.e. doors can be hung left to right or right to left and come with a standard 1 Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

NB - Frames supplied unfinished Oak; Kits do not include doors which must be purchased separately at extra cost.

Clearance for flooring and installation

The NUVU Roomfold system design allows between 12mm and 19mm of clearance underneath the doors to accommodate the floor covering.

To ensure, after installation, there is sufficient room for carpets or wooden flooring underneath and thereby eliminate the need to trim the bottom of the doors, the frame must be positioned so that the jambs touch the concrete or the floorboards.

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