Interior Grey

Interior Grey

Designer doors, off the peg prices….introducing LPD’s Supermodels. The Latin inspired Supermodels continue to captivate the designer door world and give fashion aficionados plenty to get hot under the collar about! All graced with head turning looks, they possess a certain refinement and panache that sets them apart as extraordinarily special.

Now with 25 beguiling beauties to choose from, across a range of popular sizes and "in vogue" finishes, and the recent inclusion of glazed firecheck options, these fully factory pre-finished paragons of perfection that exemplify haute couture refinement at affordable, off the peg prices, will stir the senses of those who appreciate innate finesse and eminent star quality and simultaneously satisfy the continuing trend towards more modern interior design.

All Supermodels Doors are supplied pre-finished.

All sizes 78” x 24”; 27”; 30”; 33” are supplied 35mm thickness.

All sizes 2040mm x 626mm; 726mm; 826mm are supplied 40mm thickness.

All half hour Firecheck doors are supplied 44mm thickness.

We are delighted to be able to offer special sized doors in selected models within the Supermodels range, which include storey height sizes.

NB – Delivery and availability subject to confirmation at the time of enquiry.

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